Eldon Primary School

Eldon Primary School

Eldon expects the best….Let’s be the best that we can be!

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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

The Class Teachers are Miss Power & Miss Mughal.

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Desai.

Curriculum Map

Come Dine With Me at Eldon House!

Year 6 PE at Eldon’s Track

Three of Our Best Learning Opportunities - Summer 1 2022

In Year 6, we have been enjoying using Reading Plus to accelerate our progress in Reading

Three of our Best Learning Opportunities Spring 2 2022 


World Maths Day March 2022

STEAM Challenge - Design and Make the Biggest Free-standing Tower

Super Sleuth Detectives ... Give Us a Clue!

Three of our Best Learning Opportunities - Spring 1  2022

Acting out scenes from 'Hamlet' in our 4D Room!

Forest Schools ... making Chinese Lanterns for Storytelling Week!

Back to basics!

Three of our Best Learning Opportunities Autumn 2021




Studying Nature at Eldon Forest




Retelling the Hindu Creation Story through Animation




Learning about Animals Adapting to their Environments


















































Academic Year 2019-2020

Welcome to Year 6

The Class Teacher is Mrs Stevens.

Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Munro.


In Year 6 at Eldon, we work tremendously hard to prepare ourselves for the end of our primary school journey. We work hard to learn new skills and strive to achieve mastery across all subject areas. We love using all the resources that Eldon has to offer by visiting the 4D room, Eldon House and helping to make the school radio show! Throughout the year, we broaden our independence and problem solving skills, showing a true understanding of how to improve and advance our learning.  Inspired by the skills we have learnt on our journey through Eldon, we are aiming to leave the school as kind, integral, and successful individuals ready to face the challenges of secondary school and adult life.

Summer Term

Spring Term

Autumn Term


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