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Eldon Primary School

Eldon expects the best….Let’s be the best that we can be!

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School Values

Our School Ethos, Values and Mission Statement


Our school’s aims, vision, ethos, values, mission statement are reviewed regularly with members of our school community including: parents, teachers, pupils and Governors all expressing what we believe our school stood for. We are proud to be a ‘Gem’ school and an aspiring UNICEF Rights Respecting School. These, along with our ‘key drivers’ of Enquiry, Enterprise, The Arts, Possibilities, encompass how we approach learning at Eldon Primary School.


Our Vision Statement:

Eldon expects the best … Let’s be the best that we can be!

At Eldon Primary we aim to maximise children’s achievement by removing barriers to learning through a varied, inclusive curriculum delivered in a safe, stimulating environment. We are committed to the development of the whole child, creating happy, confident and independent children who are enthused by learning. We aim to ensure that every child will be provided with an opportunity to shine and be successful building self-esteem and a positive sense of well-being.

Within this vision, we will continue to develop our school’s welcoming and supportive ethos in order to establish respect and self-esteem. Our school will continue to develop as a learning community in which we are all supported and encouraged to achieve.


Our Values

As a primary school, we believe we have a key role in society in combating discrimination and promoting fairness, justice and equality through our teaching and in the role models we offer. We believe our children’s successes affirm this work and are passionate about ensuring they own these values.


Furthermore, through daily experiences we aim for our children to develop an understanding of the values of:


Perseverance and Positivity


Respect (Mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs)


Responsibility (Democracy and Law)


Nurture and Love

Enjoyment and happiness

Imagination and Creativity

Uniqueness (Individual liberty)




Through these values we aim for the children to have a sense of belonging and pride in this school and care for all who learn within it. We aim for the children to understand the importance of respect and leave school as unique and confident individuals who are able to take their place in society.


The school understands its responsibility to promote British Values of democracy, law, liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faith and beliefs. The school has a clear strategy for embedding these values and we believe that this contributes to our strong ethos. Our assemblies both whole school, key stage and class assemblies are often themed around the core values. Children and teachers also regularly exemplify these through our PSHE work.


Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement links our key aims with the gems from The Gem Project. As a ‘Gem’ school, our focus is on bettering ourselves by developing skills which can be applied to all aspects of learning and future life.


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