Eldon Primary School

Eldon Primary School

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Interactive Area

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

The Class Teacher is Mrs Blackburn.

Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Darby.








Science - Investigating Materials




Ukulele Music Lessons




























































Academic Year 2019-2020

Welcome to Year 5

The Class Teacher is Miss Lightfoot.

Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Myers and Miss Frew.


Curriculum Overviews

Summer Term

English – After studying the book Jumanji, we created our own board games and enjoyed playing them with each other.

Science – We learnt about the parts of a flower by dissecting the flower.

Spring Term

Easter – we made our own Easter bonnets

Science – We studied different forces and made parachutes to investigate air resistance

Autumn Term


In Year 5 we learnt about Fauvism, which is the name applied to the work produced by a group of artists (which included Henri Matisse and André Derain) from around 1905 to 1910. It is characterised by strong colours and fierce brushwork.

Year 5 enjoyed learning about and - most of all – tasting foods from different counties around England.


tes winner 2018