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Interactive Area

Computing in Action

Specialist computing - making music!

Coding at Eldon!

This is "Coding at Eldon!" by Eldon Primary School!
Children used their skills to play a game of Sphero’s!

Strange happenings at Eldon!

This is "Strange happenings at Eldon!" by Eldon Primary's Computing Club!

BBC Newsround visit Eldon!

Jay leading on learning and BBC Newsround visit Eldon!

Computing with Reddy Lange Specialist Computing Teacher

Jay Mehta - Pupils leading on Learning!

Coding Club

Rock on dudes!

Times Table Rockstars has arrived at Eldon Primary School! Login in, build up your score and become a Rock Hero.



We are currently embarking on an exciting research project with the University of Central Lancashire. The research looks at the potential for children to learn French through Minecraft. As such we have started an after school club which focuses on different activities aimed at developing French language skills. The children create and pursue quests and label their work in French.

3D Printing Club

Posted: 12th Nov 2018

Each week at 3D printing club the children are given a design brief to create a model which fits a theme. The two best creators have their designs printed and even get to take them home!


Preston MP Sir Mark Hendrick visited school to officially unveil Eldon Primary Schools mosaic artwork. Whilst visiting he popped into the Radio Station for interview. The full interview can be found in the 'Broadcasts' section of the website amongst other interviews and broadcasts.



Lego Robotics

Lego Robotics has been underway here at Eldon. The children enjoyed constructing lego models and programming the devices through a Lego coding app with their parents.

Super Learning Day

We had yet another fun packed Super Learning Day at school. This time we looked into the depths of space and beyond! The children viewed footage of the Elon Musk's SpaceX launch and his Tesla car which is floating around just outside the earths atmosphere! We then used augmented reality to investigate the planets and space exploration equipment used by NASA.


Happy Christmas

In each class the children have access to an interactive calender on the class computer. The calender is full of fun facts and useful information about Christmas.


Click on the document below to discover what each class will be studying in their second half-term between November until the end of December - Autumn Term 2017.

Coding Club


During coding sessions we have been programming our own educational computer games using the Scratch website. Here are some of our coders hard at work!

Super Learning Day

We used the 'Quiver' App on our iPads to transform our coloured pictures into 3D images. This is called augmented reality.

We are Oustanding!

We are now an outstanding school! This is fantastic news and now we deserve to celebrate.

How should we celebrate?

Submit your ideas below in the comments box below.


Click on the document below to discover what each class will be studying in the first half-term back at school between the months of September until the end of October - Autumn Term 2017.

Key Stage 1 Radio Club

Taking place every Tuesday the children have the chance to record their very own shows!


From left: Amelia, Summer and Maisy (all from Year 2).


Key Stage 2 Radio Station Club

Radio Station Club is underway and the children are enjoying recording themselves for Friday's show.


From left: Callum (Year 3), Summer (Year 5), Liam (Year 4)


A Trip to 10 Downing Street

Our School Governor Margaret McManus is due to visit the British Prime Minister Theresa May.

What would you like to ask her?


Please leave your comments below:


What will you do to help education in the future?


Do you like our new uniforms? Have you heard about these top trends, fidget spinners, the dab and bottle flipping? Are you kind?


What is your favourite colour?


What do you like to do in your spare time?


Did you enjoy meeting Donald Trump?


Why did you want to be the British Prime Minister? When did you become Prime Minister? How did you become Prime Minister?

Year 2

How did you become Prime Minister? Do you enjoy your job? What was your previous jobs?

Year 4 

What are your thoughts on fidget spinners? How old are you? What are you doing to make our world a better place? Why did you want to become Prime Minister? What do you think of Pokemon cards? What football team do you support? Who encouraged you to enter politics? What is your opinion on primary school education?

Year 5 

Can you come to our dazzling school? What are you going to do to protect our environment? What are your views on fracking? Why did you want to become Prime Minister? 10 years ago, did you think you would be Prime Minister? If there was another vote for the EU referendum, which way would you vote? Do you think you will continue to do a good job as PM? What are your views on Jeremy Corbyn? Thank you for your time

Year 6

Do you enjoy being the Prime Minister?

Year 3 

What are your thoughts about World War 3?

Year 3 


What is your favourite food?

Year 3

What are you going to do in the future.


Have you got a pet? What is it called?

Tanzeela Horne


tes winner 2018