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Safeguarding And Child Protection Policy At Eldon Primary School

At Eldon Primary School we are fully committed to promoting the health, safety and well-being of all our children.


All staff receive regular training in identifying and supporting children, and in following the correct procedures should they have any concerns about a child.


Occasionally a child may disclose information of a personal nature to a member of staff.  When this happens, we will listen sensitively to the child but we will not promise to keep any details secret as we may need to consult parents or, in extreme cases, other agencies. We will ensure that all concerns are discussed with parent/carers first, before any referrals are made, unless we believe that such a move may be contrary to a child’s welfare.


Eldon Primary School fully adheres to Lancashire's Operation Encompass to ensure the safety of our children and to work collaboratively with Lancashire Constabulary.


The Designated Senior Lead is Mrs Butt (Head Teacher) and the Deputy Designated Senior Lead is Mr Moss (Deputy Head Teacher).


For further information about safeguarding children we recommend the Department of Education publications Working Together to Safeguard Children (DfE 2013) and Keeping Children Safe in Education (DfE September 2016).


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