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Coronavirus Whole School Risk Assessment Update 5th January 2022

Key Coronavirus Updates for Parents and Carers January 2022

Coronavirus Whole School Risk Assessment Updates 1st January 2022

Coronavirus Whole School Risk Assessment Updates September 2021

Key Coronavirus Updates September 2021

C-19 Whole School Risk Assessment (Updated) 8th March 2021

C-19 Home School Agreement March 2021

EYFS C-19 Risk Assessment - March 2021

Schools Coronavirus Operational Guidance Feb 2021

Staff C-19 Self Testing Kits

From Monday 4th February all staff at school have been provided with the C-19 Testing Kits. This additional 'control measure' is having a positive affect upon the risk assessment of the school as staff are able to test themselves twice a week before reporting to work.   

Loan Device Agreement for Pupil Home Learning

C-19 Catch Up Statement September 2020

Eldon - Planning for a Broader Opening

Latest Information - 3rd June 2020

Many of you will want to know when Eldon will open more broadly?

The Local Authority have confirmed that the earliest now is 15th June.

Mrs Butt will be writing to you on Friday with more information about what school will look like post lockdown. 

Please keep a look out on 'Twitter', 'ClassDojo' and also the website under News/Events: COVID-19

Parent and Child Survey - Covid 19

Dear Parents,

Following the Government guidance this week where Phase 2 is for schools to re-open on 1st June for some year groups, we are putting together a parent and child survey to ascertain your views about this. At the same time, we are exploring if this is feasible and if so, how we could manage this is a safe manner for all. The survey will be shared on ClassDojo by the end of the week. 

Many thanks, 


Azra Butt 


Eldon Primary School 


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