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Eldon House

At Eldon, we are committed to making learning as real as possible for our children and great learning is often steeped in context. After speaking to some past pupils last year, around the time of our 130th birthday, they spoke very highly of their experiences at Eldon School and particularly the extra curricular opportunities including developing skills for real life: wood work, wall papering, sewing and domestic activities. Alongside this, our children really understand contextualized learning so working out how many square meters of carpet we would need in the living room would make it an actual problem to solve or printing our own wall paper with a pattern would make it a really meaningful activity. The possibilities involving budgeting, designing living spaces etc  are endless. Our living curriculum will enable learning skills to transfer to children's homes and in hopefully influence and inspire their future lives.


Eldon House is a terrific extension of Eldon School; it will be accessible  to all of our pupils who will be timetabled to access weekly life skills. I will be getting in touch with some past pupils to see if they want to come and give us a hand to develop our skills and help prepare us for our future lives! Parents, please do pop into the office and fill out the skills sheet to sign up to working with us on this project!

DT in action ... cooking dhal and chapatti's!

Designing and decorating the living room!

Reception pupils help with the Food Bank by writing labels!


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