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Interactive Area

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

The Class Teacher is Miss Cook. 

Our Teaching Assistant is Miss Gallimore. 


Our Best Learning Opportunities 

Fair testing - resistance

Researching mechanisms and making leavers

Storytelling with Richard O'Neil

Year 3 achieve the memory and knowledge award

Adult and Child Learning!

Come Dine with me at Eldon House!

Team working with Commando Jo’s!

Games ... Football Competition!

Trip to Chester Zoo

Team working with Commando Luke!

4 D Immersive experience of Mount Vesuvius erupting!

Developing Team building, Stamina and Resilience!

Trophies .... Best homework, attendance and MFL awards!

Rock Survey in our Locality!

Well-being and Mental Health Week Positive Affirmations

This is "Well-being and Mental Health Week -Positive Affirmations" by Eldon Primary School, The children have enjoyed using sign language too!

Planting trees at Eldon Forest

Potato planting science investigation




Handwriting practise



Year 3 have loved learning about the Romans this term. In particular the class were engaged with the story of Boudicca and produced some fantastic pieces of writing.




In Science we have been investigating UV light to discover the effects in different areas of the school. 




Year 3 have been exploring print making using rollers and slabs. They have used a variety of materials to create different textures to produce these fabulous designs.

In Science we enjoy working as a team to solve problems.
We loved trying to put together a human skeleton and learning the scientific names of bones.
Do you know where the clavicle is? We do!

Our Friday Prize Draw for the children who have read every day is always exciting and we have had more and more children in the draw each week. I would love to have every child in the draw soon.

Our Christmas video to the care home reminded us that at this special time of year there are people who are very lonely because of Covid and it made us feel brilliant to send them a video and Christmas cards to cheer them up.

Our handwriting has improved so much! Many children are now joining their letters and taking great pride in their presentation.


tes winner 2018