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IPAD Lending Library

Good evening Parents and Carers,

I am delighted to say, whilst we are still waiting for our set of technological devices from the Government, Eldon has managed to look at its own stock and we have identified a handful of IPADS which we want to use as part of our 'IPAD Lending Library'. This will help facilitate learning for our children who currently are unable to take part in remote/home learning via ClassDojo.

Please take a look at the attached survey to share your children's needs and tell us about your situation.


Devices will be prioritised on a need by need basis. There will be a strict criteria and a 'loan agreement' which will need to be signed, as well as terms and conditions which will need to be met to ensure that the IPADS are used for home learning purposes only and kept safe and secure.

Thank you for your support and patience in this matte


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