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In the Company of Denise Lewis OBE

What a fabulous start to September 2021!

Our children and staff were dazzled by the company of Denise Lewis OBE! 

Denise generously gave of her time and spent an hour answering questions that the children had devised, having researched her inspirational career as an Olympian and now as a Sports TV Presenter. 

Children, from Nursery to Year 6, practised their new skill of signing and saying 'welcome' to Denise!

Denise was impressed with Eldon's fabulous pupils, amazing staff and leadership at Eldon.

She tweeted "Total engagement from the lovely pupils of

@eldon_primary and I loved every minute answering the questions. Wonderful to witness the aspirational environment you have created."

Judy (Reception Class Pupil) presented Denise with Eldon's 'Inspire Award' Trophy! 


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